Points to Ponder

Jan. 9th, 2016

We all need to believe that we are loved and are cared for by those that we deem matters in our life. However, sometimes due to life choices perhaps the parents made or the individual themselves, separates us from the vary ones that we crave a relationship with.  We are often separated from our loved ones by distance both geographical and different spiritual beliefs, or different lifestyles. As a child, we must live the choices someone else made for us growing up, that we have no control over. It is easy to cast blame on the very person that we want a relationship with. When we are willing to move forward and forgive and let the past be the past we are free to establish the relationship we so long for, regardless of who is at fault. However it is important to understand relationships are a two way street. It has been said if you want a friend be a friend. In order to know someone it starts with communication.